The 15 Best Arguments for People who want see More, Better, and Safer Bicycling in Their Communities: Part Three — Streetsblog USA

Headlines are quick hits from media outlets from Missouri and around the world. Follow the headline link for the full story. The source of this headline says:

People for Bikes recently developed a a 15-point fact sheet to help counteract misconceptions that often arise when advocating for change, as well as to promote strategies we know work. Here's the third installment.

MoBikeFed comment:

The tips on this installment are:

11. E-bike subsidies work

12. Shared micromobility is a good investment for cities

13. Bike laws are often inequitably enforced

14. Bicycling is really good for our youth

15. Messaging is key. Don’t always focus on bikes — in fact, if you can manage it, your messaging should focus on the benefits to everyone rather than just people riding bikes.

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