The Bikemobile


Inspired by the modular library, the famed Bookmobile, we will take to the streets with a traveling bike education station called The Bikemobile.  With a fleet of bicycles and a few dedicated volunteers, we will ultimately reach thousands of Missouri school children with a hands-on bicycle safety course taught by competent, professional instructors who can make a real difference in making bicycling more fun and safer for kids.

We have funding in place to purchase bicycles, train teachers, and take a three-hour intensive bicycle safety program to thousands of Missouri students.

The only thing we need is a box truck or a school bus and the money to retrofit it to safely carry our fleet of bicycles. This will cost nearly $3000 for the bike racks and hardware alone!    

Can you donate $20 to this project?  

We are especially looking for a used box truck, school bus, or similar vehicle!  

All donations (including the truck) made to our partner organization, the Missouri Foundation for Bicycling and Walking, are tax deductible!  

To a child, the bicycle represents freedom.  But without formal bike education many children lack the skills to safely maneuver their neighborhoods.    The child's lack of confidence and the parents' fear of traffic prevents many children from picking up that bike.  Today fewer than two percent of schoolchildren bicycle to school. 

Can you help change this?

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