How to Fundraise a Yellow Jersey Club Membership

Would you like to become a member of our prestigious Yellow Jersey Club, but you'd like to raise the funds rather than donating them all?  This page has the instruction and information that you need.

Yellow Jersey Club jersey - celebrating 20 years of advocacy in Missouri!
Yellow Jersey Club jersey - celebrating 20 years of advocacy in Missouri!

Who may want to fundraise a Yellow Jersey Club membership?

  • You would like to contribute part of the YJC membership but raise the remainder from friends, family, or acquaintances
  • You belong to a group or riding club and you would like to raise the YJC membership from group members so that the group can become a YJC member

This is a great way to help raise some funds to help support better bicycling, walking, and trails across Missouri while raising awareness of the importance of our statewide advocacy work among your family and friends.

Step by Step Instructions for Creating Your YJC Fundraising Page

  1. Click here to visit our YJC Fundraising Team Page.
  2. Under "Join This Team" click the green button "Fundraise"
  3. You'll be asked to "register with razoo" - easiest way is with your Facebook or Google account; just click the buttonYour fundraising page is created immediately. 
  4. Save the URL of that page--that is the URL you will share with your friends to ask them to donate towards your fundraising effort
  5. Click "Donate" on that page to make your own initial donation
  6. Click "Admin Panel" on that page to edit the text, explanations, change your goal amount, add suggested donation amounts, etc etc etc

Tips and Ideas

  • To edit your fundraising page, go to the URL you saved (Step 4 above) and then sign in. A link will appear to "Admin Panel"
  • You can personalize the page--include your own reasons why you want to support better, safer bicycling, walking, and trails across Missouri; tell a story about yourself; tell why this is important to you.  You can upload photos etc.
  • If some people would rather pay by check, you can gather "offline donations".  Make checks payable to Missouri Foundation for Bicycling and Walking.  Enter checks in Admin Panel/Donations/Offline Donations.
  • To Launch your fundraising page, share the word with you friends by email and social media--social media links are on the left hand side of your fundraising page.
  • When setting up your page you can set a goal amount and time frame.  Edit it via Admin Panel/Edit.
  • Give periodic/simple updates via email and/or social media every few days throughout your time frame and especially as the deadline draws near.
  • You can set up a matching donation to encourage people to donate: Admin Panel/Matching Grants.  For example, I created a $500 matching grant--meaning that I will donate $500 and my friends' donation will be matched dollar for dollar, totalling $1000.  (I also changed my goal amount to $500 under Admin Panel/Edit.)

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Thank you!  Your generous support helps make our Vision for Bicycling and Walking in Missouri become a reality!

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