MoBikeFed's Annual Fundraising Challenge: Your membership or donation is matched TWICE through March 31st

This year, two groups of generous donors have challenged MoBikeFed members and supporters to raise $30,000. That means that your membership/donation between now & March 31st will be matched TWICE.

We're making good progress--as of January 22nd, we are $3431 towards our goal of $30,000.  But we need YOU to help us get the rest of the way there! 

Missouri delegation at the National Bike Summit in Washington, DC
Missouri delegation at the National Bike Summit in Washington, DC

MoBikeFed is a member-supported and member-oriented organization.  The majority of our support comes from individual members and donors like you--over half is from ordinary people who give a small amount--$10 or $20 or $50 or $75.  

That means that we exist as an organization to meet the needs of our members and carry out the agenda for better, safer bicycling, walking, running, and trails that is supported by our members.

We are the only organization focusing exclusively on statewide bicycle, walking, running, and trails advocacy in Missouri. Your membership and support powers our work. 

How can you help?

Want to kick your support up a notch?

Want to kick it up an notch?  If it is in your budget, joining at one of our higher membership tiers make a huge difference in our statewide advocacy work and 

  • Become a Sustaining Member - monthly donations starting at $5/month help us create a dependable, solid financial base for our important advocacy work.  And . . . no more renewal notices!
  • Become a Yellow Jersey Club Member - donors who are able to contribute $1000 or more annually (or $83.33/month) form our highest tier of supporter and lead the way in making Missouri a better, safer, state for bicycling, walking, and trails

What's at stake?  What does your membership support?

What's at stake this year?  Why does your membership and support count? Together with our many allies across the state, here are some of the key issues we are working for in 2015:

Capitol Day in Jefferson City
Capitol Day in Jefferson City

Join, renew, or make a donation here.  Your donation will be matched TWICE.

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