High Priority Projects List: Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I tell if a road or highway is on the MoDOT system? 

A: The answer to this question can be complicated and to really find out the answer about a specific road, you might need to talk with your local city public works staff or the MoDOT District staff.  But in simplified terms: Generally MoDOT roads are state and federal roads and highways. 

All those roads and highways will have a letter or number, like: I-70, U.S. 40, 350 Hwy, State Route D, State Route YY.

It can be a little confusing, because often state and federal roads have a common name as well.  Just a few examples:

Easiest ways to tell if a road is a MoDOT road:

  • Look on Google maps--if you zoom in enough, you'll see a letter or number appear to identify the road, along with its common name.  Click on links above for examples.

  • Look at a state highway map.  Generally it shows state roads--and especially look at the 'blow-ups' of cities & metro areas.  Generally the roads shown are all MoDOT roads.

  • To tell for sure, you'll have to talk with your local city, planning organization, or MoDOT district.

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