Trailnet & St Louis Regional Bicycle Federation merger--more details

Trailnet has released more details about the recent merger between Trailnet and the St Louis Regional Bicycle Federation.  A West End Word article give the lowdown:

Cyclists have a stronger advocate in St. Louis in 2011, thanks to a merger between nonprofit organizations Trailnet and the St. Louis Regional Bicycle Federation.

Trailnet logo
Trailnet logo

Jenny Viviano, the event and marketing manager for Trailnet, said that St. Louis Bike Fed approached Trailnet about an acquisition. She said Bike Fed members were unable to continue to provide their services but they wanted to keep promoting their mission. “Since we have a similar mission, it was a natural fit,” she said.

“Trailnet’s mission of promoting active living through programming, policy and planning has always been closely aligned with St. Louis Bike Fed’s work to make the region more bike-friendly,” said Ann Mack, Trailnet’s executive director. “By acquiring their services and strengthening our capacity for advocacy, we will be able to make even greater strides towards livability in the St. Louis region.”

St Louis Regional Bicycle Federation logo
St Louis Regional Bicycle Federation logo
Trailnet was founded in 1988 to support the St. Louis Riverfront Trail and has expanded its mission to advocate for active living throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area. The organization promotes its mission by asking area members to incorporate physical activity into their daily routines through programs and by lobbying for community planning and policy initiatives like Safe Routes to School, a volunteer-driven plan to make walking and biking to school a more accessible option for children. 

St. Louis Bike Fed was formed in 2001 with the mission to make the St. Louis region safer and more accessible to bicyclists through educational outreach, advocacy and improving resources. 

The St. Louis Bike Fed members unanimously approved the merger at a general membership meeting in November and the arrangement was legally formalized at the end of the calendar year. Trailnet will grant a one-year membership to the 170 current St. Louis Bike Fed members, which brings the total Trailnet membership to more than 2,000. 

In addition, Trailnet will take on most of St. Louis Bike Fed’s significant initiatives. These include installing bicycle racks in the city of St. Louis and St. Louis County, a bicycle valet parking program at select community events and the organization’s annual Mother’s Day bike ride on South Grand. The annual Midwest Bicycle Expo and Swap Meet, another St. Louis Bike Fed event, will be on Jan. 30 in Collinsville, Ill. The event provides access to bike shops, nonprofits, individuals and other bicycle-related businesses. 

Read the rest of the article with more details about the merger at the West End Word web site.

Update:  The West End Word article have a few misprints/inaccuracies.  Jenny Viviano of Trailnet sent along the following corrections:

In the Jan. 11 article, "Changing gears," the Downtown Bicycle Station and Urban Shark were both referred to as already open. Both are on track to open this spring. Also, Trailnet advocates for bicycle infrastructure that includes mostly on-road facilities, dedicated trails, and access within our public transportation system.  Urban Shark serves all cyclists from beginners to advanced.  We apologize for the confusion.

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