Kansas City--progress & promise for cycling

Paul Mohr, who was Kansas City, Missouri's Bike/Ped coordinator until he resigned in September 2002, wrote an excellent letter summarizing the progress and promise of cycling in Kansas City.

He very rightly points out that the "achievements of the last several years easily eclipse everything in the century that preceded it".

Among KCMO's recent accomplishments--which Paul and other members of the Street and Sidewalk Task Force played a crucial part in bringing about--are adoption of bike routes in the Major Street Plan, crystallizing of public support for bicycling, addition of bike carriers to all city buses by the end of 2003, great improvement in the bicycle-ability of two crucial Missouri River bridges, and a variety of other initiatives, trails, plans, and positive policy changes.

Area cyclists applaud Paul and the other Public Works employees who have played such an important role in these positive changes (and especially note that many of them have happened under the direction of Larry Frevert, Deputy Director of KCMO Public Works, who isn't even a cyclist himself!). Paul leaves some big shoes to be filled . . .

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