MoBikeFed issues press release on bicycle safety

Every spring and fall our region experiences a rash of bicycle-related accidents, as good weather brings young cyclists out.

The Missouri Bicycle Federation reminds both Missourians that bicycling is very safe and healthful sport if both motorists and cyclists follow the rules of the road and drive with a little bit of care.

Motorists can

  • Recognize that bicyclists have a legal right to ride in the street, in Missouri and in every other state.
  • Recognize that walking and bicycling are desirable forms of transportation that we want to encourage in our communities.
  • Expect to see bicyclists and pedestrians on or near any city street at any time.
  • Pass safely; don't squeeze past cyclists.
  • Give unpredictable young pedestrians and cyclists some extra room and caution.

Bicyclists can improve safety by up to 20 times by following the standard rules of the road, such as

  • Stop at every stop sign and stoplight, just as cars do.
  • Ride with traffic, not against it.
  • Check traffic and signal before merging or turning, just as cars do.
  • Use bike lights, both front and rear, starting at dusk.

Read the complete press release here.

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