Doctor finds benefits in bicycle commuting

STLToday has an interesting article about a doctor who started bicycle commuting because his car broke down one day. Unable to find another ride to the hospital for scheduled surgery, he got out his old ten-speed and rode the distance.

Now he bike commutes almost every day the weather is good:
"My main rule is to act like an automobile. Nobody tries to hit you. Accidents occur when someone doesn't see someone else. And I'm not stupid. I don't go looking for dangerous routes. I take routes less traveled." . . .

[H]e favors biking to driving because it not only helps his heart and his health, it eases his tension and gives him time to think.

"I really enjoy it, and with three different rides throughout the day, it keeps the endorphins kicking and my mind is freer," he said.

Because Marcus continues to cycle, his riding times have improved as he has gotten in better shape. Today, it takes him 35 to 40 minutes to ride each leg, whereas it takes 20 to 25 minutes to drive the route in rush-hour traffic.

"I only lose about 10 minutes," Marcus said. "And I'm able to incorporate exercising into my daily schedule without losing much time, which is valuable."

Plus, he said, he likes biking much more because the scenery changes.