Kansas City-area cyclist killed by motorist in high-speed car chase

A motorist who was trying to evade police after running down a pedestrian turned a corner at high speed and killed cyclist Toni Sena. Sena and her husband, Larry Denny, were riding in a small group near the end of the Brookside Ride.

The other cyclists in the group were not injured. The pedestrian struck by the truck is expected to survive. The motorist was later apprehended by police.

Jackson County, MO, prosecutors have charged the driver with second-degree murder.

Cyclists invited to next Brookside Ride, dedicated to Toni Sena, Thursday, July 17th
Carol Hatcher sent this message to Kansas City-area cyclists:
After the tragic hit and run accident that stole Toni Sena from us, we would like to dedicate this week's Brookside Ride to her memory. We must forever remember that biking is a wonderful way to socialize and to meet new friends and not let this senseless tragedy scare us off our bikes. It would be therapeutic for all of us in our own personal grieving process to attend.

This isn't to sound morbid... just the opposite. Perhaps this should be like a New Orleans wake: plenty of drinking, dancing, etc....a celebration of Toni's life, love of bicycling and a sign of our love for Larry. (Larry is all for this, by the way.)

Brookside Ride at 62nd Brookside Blvd (behind Breadsmith's), 6:30 pm Thursday evening for a 16-18 mile spin through Loose Park, Mission Hills, Prairie Village and KCMO. We usually meet for refreshments at Charlie Hooper's afterwards.

I hope you can join us.
More coverage
Read more details about this story in the Kansas City Star, the Lawrence Journal-World, KCTV5, and 3 stories and some video from KMBC Channel 9.

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