How MO, KS, IL representatives voted on Enhancements

You can see how all the House members voted on Rep. Petri's amendment in support of Transportation Enhancements, at the U.S. House web site.

An "Aye" vote is in support of Enhancements.
Republicans 132 Aye/90 Nay.
Democrats 194 Aye/0 Nay.
TOTAL 327 Aye/90 Nay. (78% to 22%)

Missouri area reps (all those listed below) 9 Aye/5 Nay. (64% to 36%)

Missouri only reps 5 Aye/3 Nay (62.5% to 37.5%)
Note that support within Missouri and within the "greater Missouri area" is about 15% lower than support nationwide . . .

Aye Karen McCarthy (KC area), (202) 225-4535
Aye Ike Skelton (KC Area), (202) 225-2876
Aye Sam Graves (St. Joseph area), (202) 225-7041
Aye Kenny Hulshof (Columbia area), (573) 449-5111
Aye William Clay (St. Louis area), (202) 225-2406

Nay Todd Akin (St. Louis area), (202) 225-2561
Nay Roy Blunt (Springfield area), (417) 889-1800
Nay Jo Ann Emerson (Cape Girardeau area), (202) 225-4404

Not voting Dick Gephardt (St. Louis area), (202) 225-2671
Aye Dennis Moore (KC area), (202) 225-2865
Aye Jerry Moran (Hutchison area), (202) 225-2715

Nay Jim Ryun (Topeka area), (785) 232-4500
Nay Todd Tiahrt (Wichita area), (202) 225-6216
Aye Costello
Aye Shimkus
A brief thank you email or call would be a nice gesture, if Representatives voted as you asked them to.

If you do write, please mention that you support, and you hope he/she will support, MoBikeFed's and America Bike's complete agenda for TEA-21 Reauthorization:
  • Funding for Safe Routes to Schools

  • Increases in Transportation Enhancements and Congestion Mitigation/Air Quality (CMAQ) funds

  • Increased use of safety funds for bike/ped-related safety projects and campaigns

  • Routine accommodation of bicyclists and pedestrians in all new and reconstruction road projects.