19 NOV 2003: Ride to Olathe KS planning session Wed., Nov 19th

Olathe, KS (Kansas City metro area) has an important planning session scheduled for Wed, Nov. 19th. Further below see a message from Dale Crawford about a bike ride to the meeting:
Second Blue River 12 Public Input Session Scheduled Wednesday, November 19 The City of Olathe Development Services Department will host a public input session on Wednesday, November 19 from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Heritage Park Golf Course Club House, 16445 Lackman Road, to gather public input on the concept plans that have been created for the area as part of the Blue River 12 Development Master Plan.

The open-house format meeting enables residents to come and go as their schedule permits. Representatives from HNTB and the City of Olathe will be available to answer questions and take comments.

The Blue River 12 Study area encompasses the area between 169 Highway and Heritage Park, and 159th and 175th Streets. The final master plan is scheduled to be completed later this year for approval by the City of Olathe Planning Commission and City Council.

For more information, contact: Brick Owens, HNTB, (816) 527-2711 or go to www.olatheks.org
Dale Crawford adds these suggestions:
Here's your chance to find out what's going on south of Olathe (US 169 east
to Heritage Park and 159th south to 179th) including over 6 square miles of future suburbia and all the roads that go with it.

Its supposed to be halfway decent weather for November so here's an impromptu show & go ride announcement. How about a night ride with lights to the meeting to really make an impression that the roads need to accommodate cyclists. Anyone interested, meet at the Heritage Park Marina at 6:00 PM for a ride around the "neighborhood" show & go style and then stop by the Heritage Park Golf Course by 7:00 PM. Think beyond the roads you ride now. There will be totally new roads in this +3,500-acre planning area of soybean fields so do not limit your thinking by what's there today cause its all going to change in over the next decade, like it or not. This is your chance to make it change for the good of cycling not matter where you're from cause you use the roads, too.

I'm thinking bike lanes on every arterial and collector roadway, including 175th. Trails to all schools, parks, commercial area. Roundabouts, not traffic signals. Sidewalks set back from all roads with street trees on every road between the curb and sidewalk. Bicycle parking requirements at for every facility (private or public) requiring a parking lot. Parking lots designed for
the pedestrian first, vehicles second (every motorist is a pedestrian from their car and the doorway of the building they're entering without their 3,000 lb. steel cage to protect them). Storm water managed for water quality, flood control and environmental impact equally. Higher density residential areas closest to community amenities so more people can walk/ride bikes to places close to home. Pedsestrian/bike friendly retail centers.

Dale Crawford