Missouri's Senator Kit Bond named to TEA-21 conference committee

Missouri's Senator Kit Bond has been named to the conference committee that will hammer out a compromise version of the TEA-21 renewal legislation. Versions of TEA-21 have been passed by both the Senate and the House. There are many differences between the two, and both have higher levels of overall funding than President Bush is willing to support.

As a member of the conference committee, Senator Bond will play a key role in the final decisions about the bill.

The TEA-21 renewal will set U.S. transportation policy for the next six years. The bill as it currently appears in both the House and the Senate versions make no radical changes in bicycle and pedestrian policy, but continues current policies. The Safe Routes to School program is funded in both the House and the Senate version.

It is conceivable that major changes could be made in the TEA-21 renewal as it goes through the conference commitee, so stay tuned.

See STPP's Transfer newsletter for more details about the TEA-21 renewal process.