Connecting Kansas City to the Katy Trail?

Kansas City Star columnist Mike Hendricks has weighed in on an issue that many in the Kansas City area think is important:

[W]hat's it going to take to connect Kansas City with the Katy Trail?

Completing Missouri's statewide hiking and biking trail ought to be near the top of some elected official's to-do list.

Only it isn't, as far as I can tell. . . .

We hear a lot about recreational trails in KC these days from our local political leaders. Cities and counties all across the area are paving paths as fast as they can to fulfill the Metro Green dream.

Someday, the whole city supposedly will be interconnected with hiking and biking trails.

But an almost forgotten component of the plan is connecting our metro system with the cross-state Katy, which runs only as far west as Clinton.

That's funny, because three years ago a board consisting of the top political leadership in Kansas City passed a resolution stating that a connection with the Katy was a top priority.

Yet there hasn't been much follow-up. Nor are they exactly busting their chops at the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, which oversees the 225-mile Katy.