More on Katy Trail connection with Kansas City

Two letters appeared in Monday's Kansas City Star in support of the idea of connecting Kansas City to the Katy Trail:
Reading Mike Hendricks' column on connecting the Katy Trail to Kansas City (9/20, “KC needs trailblazer for this task”), I hope that some area leader will have the vision to make this happen.

The Katy Trail is internationally known and marketed, so bringing it to Kansas City would create a signature recreational attraction, one that would have some real influence in making the entire area more healthy, livable and attractive to both businesses and residents.

An overwhelming majority of citizens support recreational trails. Trails have been high on the agenda of FOCUS Kansas City and other regional plans.

What's more, the federal government pays 80 percent of the cost of these trails.

What's not to like?

Brent Hugh
Chair, Missouri Bicycle Federation

I was delighted to read Mike Hendricks' column (9/20) calling for the completion of the Katy Trail State Park by bringing the last leg westward into Kansas City.

I have used the Katy several times, most recently in July, when I rode the entire length from Clinton to St. Charles. This is not only a jewel in our state park system but also a nationally recognized treasure, the longest rail-to-trail route in the country.

For most of my trip, I had the trail to myself, usually encountering people only near the major trailheads. But once I got close to St. Charles, the traffic picked up dramatically, with people from the St. Louis area using it in droves. This is proof enough that if we brought the trail on into Kansas City, people would use it.

Ready access is an important factor. To get to the trail from Kansas City now you have to drive either to Clinton or Sedalia.

A trailhead in Raytown would surely entice more cycling enthusiasts.

Mike, I would be glad to pick up the gauntlet you have thrown down. I will work toward completing our great Katy Trail State Park. Anyone want to join?

Timothy Earl Osburn
North Kansas City

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