Raytown Aldermen endorse Katy Trail Connection

The Raytown Board of Aldermen has endorsed the idea of a Katy Trail Connection by making it part of Raytown's Legislative Program:

At its last meeting, the Raytown Board of Aldermen held a lengthy discussion on the possibility of a walking/biking trail linking the Truman Sports Complex with Downtown Raytown. Some members of the Board see the trail as an integral part of revitalizing the Downtown. . . .

[Greg] Walters [a Raytown Alderman] told the Raytown Reporter earlier late last week that the attention to the trail comes from three areas. According to officials at MARC, there have been inquiries from Kansas City Councilwoman Bonnie Sue Cooper about extending a proposed Greenway Trail from the western terminus of the KATY trail through Kansas City into Smithville. There has also been some activity in the Lee's Summit area where a homebuilder wishes to make enhancement to a subdivision that straddles both sides of the trail.

Raytown's portion of the trail would run along the old Rock Island Rail Line that cuts the city in half. Kansas City Councilwoman Becky Nace has expressed an interest in the trail. Walters has also discussed the possibility of a trail with members of the Jackson County Legislature and members of the Truman Sports Complex Sports Authority (Jackson County is the leaseholder of the Truman Sports Complex).

MARC officials told Walters that the Department of Natural Resources has told them that they would be interested in the development of the trails but are waiting for local officials to take a leadership role on the matter.

State Senator Victor Callahan, who represents the Raytown area, has told Walters that he would be interested in spearheading the effort in Jefferson City.