Raytown, MO, to adopt resolution in favor of Complete Katy Trail

Tuesday the Raytown, Missouri, board of aldermen will adopt a resolution in favor of connecting the Katy Trail to Kansas City and, in general, completing the Katy by connecting it to all nearby population centers.

At BikeMO, Georganne Nixon, wife of Attorney General Jay Nixon, and Deputy Attorney General Karen Mitchell both spoke.

They both said that the Attorney General is very supportive of the Katy Trail and the idea of connecting the Katy to Kansas City.

However they said that it is very important for the Attorney General to receive support from citizens, cities, counties, and other groups interested in the Katy Trail connection to Kansas City.

If the Attorney General does not know about the support for this idea held by many citizens, cities, and counties, he is hampered in negotiating a good deal with AmerenUE, which controls the line.

For that reason, MoBikeFed has launched an effort to ask bicycle clubs, trail organizations, walking clubs, cities. counties, chambers of commerce, and other groups and agencies to adopt a resolution in support of the "Complete Katy Trail".

Sample resolutions can be found online.

Simply download the document, tailor it to your group or city by changing the names, and present it to your local city council member or organization leader.