Raytown, Lee's Summit pass resolutions of support for Complete Katy Trail

The Raytown City Council recently passed a resolution of support for completing the Katy Trail by connecting the trail to the Kansas City area. The Lee's Summit Parks Board also recently passed a resolution of support.
Quad State Trail Vision

The Kansas City Council will soon consider a resolution and I have heard that the Kansas City Parks and Recreation is also working on a resolution, along with the Lee's Summit City Council and Chamber of Commerce.

Support like this for completing the Katy Trail, from individuals, companies, agencies, organizations, cities, and counties, is absolutely vital if the Katy Trail connection to Kansas City is to move forward.

How does this affect you if you don't live in the Kansas City area?

Well, if you live near the Katy Trail, connecting the trail to one of Missouri's major metropolitan areas greatly increases the value of the trail for tourism, recreation, and transportation purposes.

If you live near the Katy Trail (or elsewhere in Missouri) and can't get to it easily because your own community is not yet connected to the Katy Trail, you have to understand that connecting the trail to the major population centers like Kansas City is going to build a lot of momentum and political support for connecting the trail to the other population centers--like Hermann, Washington, Jefferson City, Centralia, Chillicothe . . . and of course, St. Louis.

And if you live in Kansas or northwestern Missouri, the Katy Trail connection is the way you will get from St. Joseph, Lawrence, Leavenworth, Topeka, Omaha, and other places beyond, to the Katy Trail itself and all the destinations on it.

Please ask your local bicycle club, walking, running, or trails groups, parks board, city council, chamber of commerce, county, or other civic group to pass a resolution or write a letter in favor of completing the Katy Trail by connecting it to Kansas City.

Sample resolutions and letters can be found here.