Last chance to save $5 and join MoBikeFed for only $15

A message from MoBikeFed President Brent Hugh:
Missouri Cyclists,

You should know that the MoBikeFed board is in revolt and I am in danger of being toppled from the pinnacle of power (yes, the awesome power and authority that comes with being president of MBF . . . ) by a palace coup.

Reason is, the board voted to raise MoBikeFed dues to $20 starting January 1st. But I wanted to be sure the EVERYONE had a chance to join or renew at the old rate of $15.

So I have taken it upon myself to extend the $15 membership rate until January 15th. That is Saturday!
Click here save $5 and join MoBikeFed at the "old" rate.
But the dire threats from board members mean I ABSOLUTELY cannot extend it even one minute past Saturday . . . or I risk losing my GRIP on POWER.

Incidentally--for those of you in clubs--your club can join now for $30. After Saturday it will be $50.

Click here to join, or send name, address, phone, and email address along with your check, to

Post Office Box 104871
Jefferson City, MO 65110-4871
Thank you!

Dry trails and warm tailwinds,