MoBikeFed announces major contributions from the St. Louis Regional Bicycle Federation and the Missouri Bicycle Racing Association

The St. Louis Regional Bicycle Federation has shown its support for the statewide advocacy efforts of the Missouri Bicycle Federation with two $500 contributions, one in 2004 and one in 2005.

The Missouri Bicycle Racing Association (MOBRA) has shown similar support with a $500 contribution.

"People in the St. Louis region certainly benefit from improved cycling conditions around the state, so we are pleased to make this investment in Missouri's cycling future," said Bob Foster, chair of the St. Louis Regional Bicycle Federation. "We appreciate the MBF's leadership in working with the Missouri Department of Transportation, as well as statewide education, tourism and economic development agencies. By partnering with like-minded organizations, the St. Louis Regional Bicycle Federation is ensuring that cyclists' interests are well represented."

"The Missouri Bicycle Federation deeply appreciates the vision of these two organizations in understanding the value of supporting statewide education and advocacy," said Missouri Bicycle Federation President Brent Hugh. "Bicycle organizations are not wealthy and these contributions represent a significant amount of sacrifice and work by the members and leaders of these groups."

The donations will be used to move forward the Missouri Bicycle Federation's stated mission of advocating advancement of bicycling access, safety and education on the statewide level in Missouri.