Unsafe drivers in Missouri may be reported

Today's STLToday has an article about a relatively new Missouri law that allows people who know of a person who is (or is becoming) an unsafe driver, to ask the MO Department of Revenue to test the person:
Years after two grieving parents lobbied for a Missouri law to help clear the roads of dangerous drivers, the couple wonder whether the law is doing enough good. . . .

Under the law, anyone with intimate knowledge that a person's driving skills are diminishing can file what's known as a driver condition report. Family members, doctors, police, state employees, even friends and neighbors can fill out the reports, which are kept confidential. . . .

The Suroffs, of Creve Coeur, pushed lawmakers to pass a law that allows people to report bad driving. But six years after the law took effect, observers wonder why more people aren't using it.
The Jefferson City Tribune had an article with more details about the program.

The form to report an unsafe driver is provided by the Missouri Department of Revenue.