MoBikeFed gives award to Senator Bond

Missouri's Senator

Kit Bond holds a key position in forming U.S. transportation policy. Bond was one of four senators who hammered out the Senate's original version of the federal law that sets transportation policy for the next six-year period, SAFETEA-LU and holds the chairmanship of key transportation subcommittees.

In recognition of Senator Bond's support of key bicycle and pedestrian friendly provisions of SAFETEA-LU, including Safe Routes to School, the CMAQ program, the Transportation Enhancements program, and the non-motorized pilot program in Columbia, Missouri, the Missouri Bicycle Federation recently presented an award to Senator Bond "for exemplary service to the bicycle and pedestrian communities in the state of Missouri."

The award was presented to Senator Bond during a conference on the non-motorized pilot program. Columbia, Missouri, was one of four communities selected to participate in the pilot program.

Caryn Giarratano, Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator at MoDOT and MoBikeFed MoDOT Liaison, presented to the award to Senator Bond.

"We applaud Senator Bond for what he has done and encourage him to become even more active in his support for better accommodation of bicyclist and pedestrians throughout America's transportation system," says MoBikeFed Executive Director Brent Hugh. "Building more consideration of the needs of bicyclists and pedestrians into the planning and design of roads is one important part of a national transportation policy that will improve transportation safety, choice, and mobility, and create better health for all Americans.

"The pilot program in Columbia will be a great example of how improving the environment for bicyclists and people on foot will build a better community and help create a more efficient transportation system that better meets the needs of everyone, even those who rarely walk or bicycle for transportation."

MoBikeFed has invited those who wish to encourage Senator Bond to continue and increase his support of bicycle and pedestrian friendly policies to email the Senator.

The beautiful, hand-made art-quality award was created by MoBikeFed board member Doug Havach.

Below: Tim Teddy, Columbia Director of Planning
John Glascock, Columbia Director of Public Works, Ian Thomas of PedNet, Brad MacMahon from the FHWA, Caryn Giarratano of MoDOT, and Columbia Mayor Darwin Hindman recently attended a conference in Washington, D.C., about the future of Columbia's federally funded "Nonmotorized Pilot Project".

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