Washington, D.C., conference on Columbia, MO, nonmotorized pilot project opens Dec. 13th

A conference about the new "Nonmotorized Pilot Project" is being held this week in Washington, D.C. Columbia, Missouri, was one of four cities selected for the pilot program. Each city will received $25 million for bicycle and pedestrian improvements. The purpose of the program is to test whether putting significant resources into making a city really bicycle and pedestrian friendly can have a significant impact on improving transportation in the city.

Representatives from the City of Columbia, MoDOT, and Columbia's PedNet coalition will be attending the conference in Washington, D.C. Pednet has released a visioning statement giving their view of the pilot program:

The situation we confront is a dream-come-true for the PedNet Coalition and all citizens of Columbia. However, along with this opportunity comes a tremendous responsibility to our community and communities throughout American and beyond. If we can successfully cause a meaningful shift in mode share away from automobiles to bike, ped, wheelchair and transit we will prove that it can be done. It will provide the success story that other communities will need to gain the political support necessary to move forward with their own networks. If are not successful, we will help to sentence America to the status quo. Obviously we must succeed.