News coverage of Robert Osborn Memorial Ride

The ride for slain bicyclist Robert Osborn, co-sponsored by the MoBikeFed and the Greater Kansas City Bicycle Federation, received coverage from essentially all major Kansas City news outlets yesterday or today:

* Kansas City Star
* KSHB video (will probably be on the web site for only a few days)
* Robert Osborn website, set up by his family--photos of the ride, memorial fund, and other information
* KMBC News:
The family of Robert Osborn, who was gunned down while riding his bicycle home from work last month, hopes to use his death to reach out to others, KMBC's Natalie Moultrie reported.

*The Examiner:
"Robert was an avid bicyclist. He loved it. He had a car, but he rode his bike to work every day because he liked to save gasoline and help the environment. He also liked the health benefits," Ron Osborn said. "The family is extremely appreciative of all the bikers who came down here today to show their support for the things my brother loved."

People attending the event included members of the Missouri Bike Federation, the Greater Kansas City Bike Federation, the Johnson County, Kan. Bike Club and the Earth Riders, which is a mountain bike group with members all over Jackson County. The group rode their bikes along the route Robert Osborn took between work and home almost every day. . . .

"I didn't know Robert, but from what I've heard about him, I think I would have liked him," said Christy Lynne, president of the GKC Bike Federation. "There is nothing we could do to stop a senseless murder like what happened to Robert, but we can support each other and what he stood for. People on bikes are vulnerable and we need to work together to make things are better and safer."

Dr. Brent Hugh, executive director of the Missouri Bicycle Federation, said it was chilling to think a murder like that could happen to anyone.

"The amount of harassment and danger to bicyclists is too high and we need to do something about it," Hugh said.