Holiday puzzler . . .

[Note: The King Williams Quiz is no over and the solutions have been posted. See the solution to our puzzler below . . . ]

You may have heard that the pupils of King Williams College, Isle of Man, are sent home over the holidays with a fiendishly difficult "General Knowledge Paper", asking 180 obscure questions of all sorts.

Katy Trail near Windsor

We're not that inventive here at MoBikeFed corporate headquarters, but we will leave you with just one fiendishly difficult puzzler to contemplate over the holidays:
Which of the 180 King Williams College questions can be interpreted1 as having a direct connection with MoBikeFed's recent advocacy efforts related to Missouri's Katy Trail?

Need a hint? Refresh your memory of the situation by spending 2 minutes taking advocacy action to help "Complete the Katy" . . .

Update Jan 19th: King William College has now posted all of the answers to the quiz.

So if all else fails you should be able to figure out the answer by looking at the list of answers (PDF file).

If you don't see the answer right off, you might look at the Katy Trail advocacy page again.

Need more hints? Visit the comments section.

Please don't spoil the fun by posting the answer if you're sure you've figured it out . . . let everybody have a chance to work on it. I'll post my answer soon after New Year so you can see if yours & mine agree. If you want to know before then you could email me your answer, director [at]

1I say "can be interpreted" because there is a good, logical answer to this question, and that "logical answer" to the question connects directly with our Katy Trail advocacy efforts. No one knows for certain what the official answers to the 180 questions are, yet, because the official answers haven't been released.

The Solution

See the relevant answer in the King William College Answer Sheet (PDF file)--Section 4, Question 2.

See the lyrics of the song or the Wikipedia article.

Listen: Johnny Cash, Leadbelly.

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