Quad-State Trail version 2

The Quad-State Trail plan moved into its second phase recently as planners met with bicyclists and trail advocates in many areas along the proposed Quad-State corridors.

Some of the highest level of excitement was in St. Joseph, MO, which has the potential to become a key connecting point in the system. According to the St. Joseph News-Press:

Quad States Trails Association organizers brought their dream of a 700-mile, four-state trail network to St. Joseph last week. But this is more than just a dream. The Katy Trail already runs from St. Louis across central Missouri and eventually will end in Kansas City. Other trails already link Nebraska and Iowa.

The linchpin to making this trail work for bikers and hikers from St. Louis to Omaha could be trails that run right through St. Joseph. Another configuration would bridge the two main systems with a new trail on the Kansas side of the Missouri River. . . .

Quad States officials, who also are working with grass-roots groups in Marysville, Kan., Beatrice, Neb., and Kansas City, recommend that local backers focus on committing or acquiring land for the trails - anything from abandoned roads to railroad and utility easements. The land can be used to offset the required 20 percent match for federal trail grants.

The bandwagon is loading. Chris Dunn, of St. Joseph, has agreed to take the early lead in organizing the local [St. Joseph-area] effort. People interested in participating or learning more can e-mail Mr. Dunn at cwdunn [at] gmail.com. Organizers here are looking for help with fundraising, planning, advocating, legal issues and accounting.

Note that many of the routes shown on an earlier map of the Quad-State vision (below) will be revised, some are eliminated, and many added. Among the most interesting additions is a potential Kansas link from Marysville to Topeka--allowing a connection from Omaha through Lincoln and Marysville to Topeka and from there to other cities south and west in Kansas.

Original 2007 Trail Vision


The Quad State Trail map shown above is the current version of the map, which is continuously updated over the years. 

To the right is the original version of the Quad State Trail map published in 2007.

See how the Quad State and Statewide Trails Vision has changed over the years:


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