8 MAY 2007: Thank Bicycle Safety Month Co-Sponsors

Missouri Bicyclists,

Here is a little warmup to our upcoming introduced a resolution to officially declare May as Bike Month this year. It should come up to a vote this week.

He was able to round up no less than 34 (!) co-sponsors for the resolution. (Our MoBikeFed lobbyist Jim Farrell might have had a little to do with that . . . ).

Could you take just a couple of minutes and email a few of our cosponsors and thank them for co-sponsoring the resolution? Especially your own representative (if by chance that person was a co-sponsor) or those who live close to you?

Sample email message (PLEASE personalize it at least a little):
Representative XXXX,
Thank you for co-sponsoring HCR 54 declaring May as Bike Month and Bicycle Safety Month. Making Missouri safer and friendlier for bicycling is very important to me, and I appreciate your support on this issue.

Representatives of the Missouri Bicycle Federation will be in Jefferson City May 14th for an Advocacy Day. I hope you will work with them to make Missouri a better, safer place to bicycle.
Contact information for sponsor/co-sponsors:

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