Candidate rides from Branson to Jefferson City

According to a Branson Daily News story:
Jeff Justus has made the decision to enter the political process and to prove his commitment, he plans to ride his bike to Jefferson City to file.

Justus and a crowd of his supporters plan to gather at his Stone County L&J; Plumbing store for a brief meeting before he leaves. By 9 a.m., Justus, 54, will head out for the long ride to the state capitol where he will file as a Republican candidate for State Representative of District 62.

“I’ve ridden a bike all my life. It was the freedom of being able to get around town — that was our mass transportation in those days. Most of my rides are between 25 and 30 miles now. I try to ride a couple times a week, and I ride in the MS150,” Justus said in answer to how he would make the ride to Jefferson City. . .

“I’m not taking this (ride) as fun. I’m serious. My intention is for the voters to elect me, and I intend to work hard in office the whole time,” Justus said in answer to the question.