How Clayton makes bicycling & walking part of its Green City program

Over 20 mayors in Missouri have now signed the Mayor's Climate Change Agreement.

The Suburban Journals recently wrote about what one community is doing to move forward with making changes:
Paul Wojciechowski's sister-in-law lives in a Colorado community where it is common to see dozens of people riding to work or school on bicycles.

"I was enthralled with what they have there," Wojciechowski said.

As Clayton's director of public works, Wojciechowski is responsible for implementing many of the changes required for the city under the U.S. Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement. . . .

One of Wojciechowski green efforts is to promote alternative modes of transportation in Clayton. City crews have already installed signs advising motorists to share the road, while dedicated bike lanes also will be provided.

"I'm out to raise the awareness of motorists that there are bikes there and they belong there," Wojciechowski said.

The city also is promoting "pedestrianism," he said, by installing textured crosswalks to encourage people to stay out of their cars once they are in the city. The money for the crosswalks came from an East-West Gateway Council of Governments enhancement grant.
(Not coincidentally, Paul is a MoBikeFed member and former MBF board member and treasurer.)