Letter suggests bicyclists, pedestrians be banned from STL area roads due to Hwy 40 closure

A recent letter to the editor posted on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch web site has caused just a bit of discussion about the matter of whether people should walk and bicycle on these (formerly) bicycle-friendly streets:
The I-64/Hwy 40 reconstruction has created a dangerous situation for joggers and bikers who have long utilized many of St. Louis County’s secondary streets. Joggers/bikers are putting themselves (and drivers) at risk by using these now overly populated side streets. I appeal to MoDot and media outlets to encourage bikers/joggers to find safer areas to get their exercise. Side streets such as Clayton, Litzsinger, Warson, Spoede and Conway have often attracted bikers and joggers. Drivers familiar with these areas have learned to share the road. However, the highway closures have brought many new motorists to these streets. The additional motorists, many of them less than familiar with the danger spots along their new routes, are coming precariously close to injuring defenseless bikers/joggers. This is a fatality waiting to happen. Until Hwy. 40 reopens, I think it is in everyone’s best interest to encourage bikers and joggers to find suitable, safer alternatives.

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