MoBikeFed volunteers needed . . .

Do you have a few hours every week or every month to help MoBikeFed make Missouri a better, safer place to walk and bicycle?

Right now these positions are open. MoBikeFed works as a decentralized organization that communicates by internet and phone. So any of these jobs can be done from any location in Missouri.

If you are interested in volunteering or would like more information about any of these positions, email director [at]

Newsletter editor
Solicit articles for MoBikeFed's print newsletter, published 3 times annually, edit the newsletter, prepare it for printing, and work with the printer and mailing house to print and send the newsletters.

E-mail news editor
Edit and send MoBikeFed's monthly email newsletter. Most content is adapted from articles on MoBikeFed's web site, so this job involves little writing but much selecting and editing. The first few times the e-newsletter will take about 4 hours to write and prepare; once you have done it a few times it shouldn't take more than 2 hours sometime during the first week of each month.

BikeMO ride chair
MoBikeFed Board Members Dave Schieffer has acted as BikeMO Chair for the past two years. Dave has organized the event and created a step-by-step guide for the event chair to follow.

BikeMO is now in its fourth year, so you are taking over an established and successful event. The various jobs are handled by MoBikeFed board members and supervolunteers who have already done their job for two or three years. So your job as BikeMO Chair is much easier than it was in the beginning--for the most part it is simply organizing, coordinating, and reminding people to do various jobs they have already done in preceding years.

BikeMO sponsorship chair
Your job as BikeMO sponsorship chair is to work with the BikeMO Chair and MoBikeFed staff to contact previous BikeMO sponsors and those on our potential sponsor like via email and mail, keep track of which sponsors have signed agreements and which need further reminders, track sponsor information such as logos, sponsorship amounts, and payments, and help out during BikeMO (mid-October each year) to help run the event.

This is an important job, as BikeMO is MoBikeFed's major fund raising event of each year, but it is also quite straightforward and simple, because we have already developed sponsorship materials, a yearly timeline, and lists of past and potential sponsors for you to work with.

Tour of Missouri expo booth organizer
MoBikeFed is planning to have a presence at the Expo area of all possible start/finish cities for the Tour of Missouri 2008.

Your job will be to work with MoBikeFed staff to solicit volunteers to help you run booth, then be at each start/finish city to set up the booth, make sure the volunteers are on hand to help run the booth, and pitch in with running the booth as necessary yourself.

If you'd like to be at every start/finish city of the Tour of Missouri 2008, this is a great opportunity. Although there is "work" to do in each start/finish city, running the MoBikeFed booth is quite compatible with watching the race--at just the moment when you want to go watch the race, all the spectators leave the Expo area to go watch, as well, so you simply go with them. In addition, you will have arrange volunteer help to spell you off so that you will have breaks from running the booth. In addition, many of the "booth" activities can be done while walking the Expo and race start/finish areas, so you are not "tied to the booth" but can enjoy the race and associated festivities while also helping out MoBikeFed.