MoBikeFed at EarthFest 2008

MoBikeFed's booth at EarthFest 2008
The Missouri Bicycle Federation had a booth at Kansas City's EarthFest 2008. We provided Valet Bicycle Parking and signed up people for MOBikeFed's team in the annual Carfree Challenge, which will be held May 10-16, 2008.

The Carfree Challenge is a fun, friendly competition to see how many car trips you can replace with biking, walking, carpooling, or taking the bus. The first competition is to see how many people each team can sign up.

The "MoBikeFed Wheel Wizards" team is well in the lead right now, because we signed up 87 team members at EarthFest. You can sign up for the Carfree Challenge here--just choose the MoBikeFed Wheel Wizards as your "team".

Note: The Carfree Challenge is promoted primarily in the Kansas City metro area but if you live in a part of the state that doesn't have an active Bike Month/Bike to Work Week program you're welcome to sign up for the Carfree Challenge as part of MoBikeFed's team.
The Carfree Challenge website & software was developed by MoBikeFed Board Member Eric Rogers, who is very open to the idea of adapting the web page for use by cities and towns across Missouri. Try it this year and see how well it works and how much fun it is to encourage more bicycling & walking during Bike Month . . . next year maybe you can bring a CarFree Challenge to your own area.

Special thanks to Boy Scout Troop 764 were our intrepid volunteers, helping us man our booth and signing up many for the Carfree Challenge.

MoBikeFed at EarthFest 2008 MoBikeFed at EarthFest 2008 MoBikeFed at EarthFest 2008 MoBikeFed at EarthFest 2008 MoBikeFed at EarthFest 2008
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