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The St. Louis Cycling Commission poses for a group photo
St. Louis Cycling Commission

Thank you for your support of the St. Louis Cycling Commission, a partnership of the Missouri Bicycle Federation and the Westplex Sports and Entertainment Local Organizing Committee.

Read the report of the Commission's initial meeting here.

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If you prefer to send a check just send name, address, city, state, zip, phone, email, and type of donation (St. Louis Cycling Commission sponsorship) to Missouri Bicycle Federation, Inc., Post Office Box 104731, Jefferson City, MO 65110.

I support bicycle advocacy in Missouri because cycling as transportation represents a solution to the many of the health issues that confront Missouri residents, the transportation issues that affect our cities, and the environmental issues that threaten our planet.
Mike Weiss, St. Louis

For me supporting MoBikeFed is a natural. Every I ride, whether it's on the city streets of West Plains or one of the State "lettered" routes I think of who is looking out for my safety. No other organization acts on behalf of bicyclists in the state like MoBikeFed. Whether it's advocacy in the form of legislation or awareness campaigns, no other organization represents my concerns to the groups that need to hear them!
Jeff Huff, West Plains

I support the MoBikeFed because I know that MoBikeFed is doing for bicycling in Missouri what I can not do personally. We may read all of the bicycling literature, tinker on our bicycles all night long, and ride to our heart's content...but none of that makes Missouri a better place to ride a bicycle.
Morgan Bearden, Rolla

As an avid runner, active in the Kansas City running community, I believe it is crucial to lend support to the Missouri Bicycle Federation. The issues this group tackles benefit bicyclists, runners, and walkers alike. Since I have learned more about the work this group does, I have also learned that there are very few people and organizations looking out for those that enjoy non-motorized transportation. In my opinion, it is imperative that the Missouri Bicycle Federation continue to represent us, and I am excited about the positive changes we will enjoy for years to come that will be a direct result of this group's leadership.
Dave Schieffer, Kansas City