MoBikeFed Voter Guide: Missouri Senate races

The Missouri Bicycle Federation sent information to all candidates for office in Missouri this year, and invited each candidate to provide a statement of their position on bicycling and walking issues.

The statements from Missouri Senate candidates are below.

Please note that this is not an endorsement of any particular candidate or party--MoBikeFed is simply passing along verbatim the information that each candidate has provided to us. This information must, of course, be considered in context together with other available information about the candidates to make a complete, informed voting decision.

Missouri Senate District 7

* Jane D. Cunningham (R) -,

* Kevin Leeseberg (D) -,

Jane Cunningham has responded with this statement:
MO Bicycle Federation Members,

I worked with constituents this year who are advocates of bicycling. We
tried to get legislation introduced that would give more flexibility to
school districts with regard to their physical education curriculum
allowing credit for bicycling to and from school and other healthy
life-style activities.

Our son is an Iron Man, so obviously an avid bicycler. Because of that I
know the importance of having safe areas to bicycle.

Rep. Jane Cunningham

Candidate for the State Senate-District 7
in west and northwest St. Louis County.

Missouri Senate District 15

* Eric Schmitt (R) -

* James Trout (D) -,

James Trout has responded with this statement:
Fellow cyclists:

This is the year to make a difference - Extending trails, marking streets
and roads, improving safety.

Just make sure you vote for candidates committed to improving the state,
not just Party Treasuries.

And visit for more information about the environmental
candidate endorsed by the Post, Sierra and many others.

James Trout

The other candidate, Eric Schmitt, has not yet responded with a