First Lady Georganne Nixon, Lt Gov Peter Kinder, Mayor Darwin Hindman to honor Ted and Pat Jones--founders of the Katy Trail

Exciting news about Bicycle Day tomorrow--First Lady Georganne Nixon and Lt. Gov Peter Kinder will be there to speak at the awards ceremony for Pat Jones, who is receiving MoBikeFed's special Lifetime Achievement Award.

Ted and Pat Jones (of Edward Jones Investment) donated the $2.2 million that created the Katy Trail--and Pat has continued to support numerous trails and conservation projects since Ted's death in 1990.

The details:

At the Bicycle Day Awards Ceremony at 1:30PM Feb 24th in the Capitol Rotunda we are honoring 21 Missourians who have supported bicycling--including Ted and Pat Jones, who founded Edward Jones Investment and then used a significant portion of their fortune to fund the creation of the Katy Trail.

Ted Jones passed away in 1990--unfortunately never seeing the Katy Trail completed. Pat Jones, who has continued to fund numerous trails and conservation projects, will be at the awards ceremony Tuesday to receive the special "Lifetime Achievement Award" from the Missouri Bicycle Federation.

First Lady Georganne Nixon, Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder, Columbia Mayor Darwin Hindman, former TrailNet director Ted Curtis, and other Missouri leaders will be our guests of honor at the Awards Ceremony and will speak to thank Mr. and Mrs. Jones for their generosity, and to celebrate the Katy Trail.