MoBikeFed awards at Bicycle Day--list of honorees

Representative TD El Amin receives an award from MoBikeFed at Bicycle Day 2008
At 1:30 PM on February 24th, 2009, in the First Floor Rotunda of the Missouri State Capitol, the Missouri Bicycle Federation will honor 21 Missourians who have done something special to support bicycling, walking, or trails.

The list of those receiving awards along with the full award text can be downloaded here as a PDF file. Below is the brief summary of the awards.


Special Lifetime Achievement Award

Edward "Ted" and Pat Jones
Williamsburg, Missouri
For playing a key role in establishing the Katy Trail and supporting trails projects across the state.

Friend of Missouri Bicycling Awards:

Marc J. Thornsberry
Director of Public Works, Springfield Missouri
For supporting Springfield's burgeoning trail system and on-road bicycle route system.

Morgan Bearden
Rolla, Missouri
For supporting the Missouri Bicycle Federation as a founding board member in 1994 through his retirement from the board in 2008.

William M. Lockwood
Department of Parks and Recreation, Jefferson City, Missouri
For envisioning and creating Jefferson City's greenway system and for his tireless efforts to connect the greenway system across the Missouri River to the Katy Trail.

Lawrence Welty
Engineer, MoDOT, St. Louis, Missouri
For supporting bicycle and pedestrian friendly policies and standards throughout his career at MoDOT.

Paul L. Wojciechowski
Engineer, Grover, Missouri
For supporting accommodation of bicycles in his positions at MoDOT and the City of Clayton and for playing a key role in the development of the Bike St. Louis system.

Benjamin W. Jones
Founding Director, Tour of Missouri, Liberty, Missouri
For his role in developing and creating the first annual Tour of Missouri--Missouri's premier bicycling event

Jerry M. Dowell
Executive Director, Tour of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri
For his role in continuing, expanding, and improving the Tour of Missouri in its second and third years.

Kenneth Walker
Founder, The Urban Kansas City Community of Cycling, Kansas City, Missouri
For his role in promoting bicycling among inner city youth.

Mark Funkhouser
Mayor, Kansas City, Missouri
For his role in setting a goal to make Kansas City, Missouri, a platinum-level Bicycle Friendly Community and working to adopt the Bike KC and Citywide Trails plans.

Russ Johnson
Kansas City, Missouri, City Council
For his role in working for safe bicycle and pedestrian river crossings in Kansas City, in creating the Citywide Trails Plan, in creating the Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee, and funding numerous bicycle and pedestrian projects.

Deb Ridgway
Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator, Kansas City, Missouri
For her role in promoting bicycling in Kansas City, including organizing and promoting Bike Week and the Commuter Challenge for the past few years, for organizing the Share the Road Safety Task Force, and for her work in her current role as Kansas City, Missouri's first-ever bicycle/pedestrian coordinator.

Patrick Van Der Tuin
BicycleWorks, St. Louis, Missouri
For his work in establishing and developing BicycleWorks, supporting the St. Louis Regional Bicycle Federation, and creating the Ghost bike movement.

John H. K. Sweet, M.D.
William A. Kerr Foundation, St. Louis, Missouri
For key support of bicycle advocacy groups, trails, and bicycle projects across the state.

Aaron Bartlett
Mid-America Regional Council, Kansas City, Missouri
For establishing the bicycle/pedestrian program in the Kansas City metro area and for promoting bicycling and walking through numerous programs and policy initiatives.

Ian Thomas
Executive Director, PedNet Coalition, Columbia, Missouri
For serving as co-founder and driving force of the PedNet Coalition, one of the most effective community advocacy organizations working for active living in Missouri.

Ted Curtis
Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator, City of Columbia, Missouri
For co-founding TrailNet, for establishing the trail-building program in St. Louis, and for his work in guiding the GetAbout Columbia non-motorized pilot project.

Robert Johnson
Education Coordinator, PedNet Coalition, Columbia, Missouri
For actively and effectively promoting bicycle education in Missouri among bicyclists, staff and public officials, and law enforcement.

Kurt Schaefer
State Senator, Columbia, Missouri
For his work to secure funding and a secure legal basis for creating the Katy Trail connection to Kansas City.

Robert C. Smith
Columbia Bicycle Club
For his work in support of the Columbia Bicycle Club and for leading the "Easy Riders" weekly group ride to welcome new and returning bicyclists.