Kansas City MO approves $1.5 million for trails projects

In November, the Kansas City, MO, city council approved an ambitious trails plan--designed to take the city from one of the most trails-poor cities in the U.S. right up to the national average.

Kansas City, with over 500,000 residents covering a huge land area, has only 30 miles of mixed-use paths and 6.5 miles of on-street bicycle routes.

This is a small fraction of the amount of trails and bicycle routes for a typical city of its size.

The plan was developed by city staff in cooperation with an active citizen's advisory committee, incuding representation from the Missouri Bicycle Federation.

And now the plan is starting to be implemented. This week, the city council announced it has provided $1.5 million of funding for trails for next fiscal year through the Public Improvements Advisory Committee (PIAC) process:

City Council has announced PIAC funding for next fiscal year and over $1.5 million was dedicated for Trails KC projects! Here's a list of the projects and the council districts that funded them. Please be sure to thank your council members and PIAC representatives for funding trails.

Line Creek Trail - $575,000 for construction (2nd Council District)
Trolley Track to Indian Creek Trail Connection - $250,000 for design/ROW plans/construction drawings (4th, 5th and 6th Council Districts)
Little Blue Trace Trail - $500,000 for design and construction (5th Council District)
Katy Trail Corridor - $10,000 for corridor appraisal (5th Council District)
Blue River Trail - $198,000 for land acquisition and trail construction (6th Council District)