14 OCT 2009: Ask Sen. Bond to support CLEAN-TEA

Missouri Senator Kit Bond walks to school with Columbia schoolchildren
Missouri's Senator Bond is on a key committee that is making decisions about pending Climate Change legislation.

Whatever you think about the Climate Change legislation itself, if it is passed, doesn't it make sense to seriously address one of the root causes of Climate Change in the U.S. in this bill?

20% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions come from cars and light trucks, but the current Climate Change legislation is going to spend only 1% its funding on improving our transportation system to reduce those greenhouse gas emissions.

We are asking Senator Bond to support the CLEAN-TEA proposal, which will put a full 10% of the funding towards realistic, clean transportation options like better bicycling, walking, and transit facilities.

You can send a message to Senator Bond in about two minutes here:
Click here to email Senator Bond
(When you write, make sure to thank Senator Bond for his crucial vote in favor of Transportation Enhancements--the funding source for about 75% of bicycling & walking facilities in the U.S.)