Senate includes increased clean transportation funding in climate bill

You may remember that one of the major legislative proposals in the most recent National Bike Summit was for "CLEAN TEA"--that is, the idea that the U.S.l would reinvest 10% of any amount generated by a proposed climate protection plan, into clean, green transportation options.

That only makes sense--because fully 1/3 of greenhouse gases generated in the U.S. are from transportation.

And one reason our transportation system is so polluting is because we have failed to put a reasonable investment into transportation options like bicycling and walking (and, of course, transit and others).

The House version of the climate bill included 1% for transportation.

The Senate bill--recently out of committee--more than doubled that to 2.44%.

Missouri Senator Kit Bond is on the Environment and Public Works Committee that approved this bill, so it is especially important to thank him for his work in moving this initiative forward.

If you'd like to ask Senator McCaskill for her support--and thank Senator Bond for his--just click here.