MissouriNet: Supporting the Tour of Missouri


Support the Tour of Missouri
Support the Tour of Missouri
Bob Priddy of MissouriNet has a ten-minute piece about the Tour of Missouri.  Listen to the full story here--summary:

Missouri’s bicycle advocates are hoping for some financial sign that state government wants to keep having the Tour of Missouri bicycle race. But time is running short in the state budget process and the outlook is not good. Executive Director Brent Hugh of the Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Federation says the state still has a chance for the race. He says private sponsors are waiting for the state to provide some funding before they sign on. 

But Hugh says the federation cannot get the state Division of Tourism top discuss the issue. Governor Nixon has indicated no support for state funding.

The good news since this story is that legislative support for the 2010 is looking much stronger--thanks in large part to many, many bicyclists and fans of the Tour of Missouri speaking up to their elected leaders.