Springfield capitol improvements tax, first to include specific bike/ped projects, wins 70/30

The proposal to extend Springfield's capitol improvements tax--including for the first time ever specific amounts set aside for bicycle & pedestrian projects--won renewal today by a whopping 70/30 margin.

The Vote YES for a more Bikable/Walkable Springfield Facebook page currently has more than 1600 members--and that's a lot when less than 9000 people total voted in this special election.

SpringBike's summary of the proposal:

 Election Day - Tuesday, June 8 (No, it's not a ride...)
Springfield Citizens should Vote YES to extend the 1/4-cent capital improvement program tax for three years. The funding for the program will help Make Springfield more Bikable and Walkable and includes:
$400,000 for on-street bicycle signage (think numbered routes and directional information) and pavement markings
$3,000,000 for sidewalk  improvements
$1,650,000 for future roadway design, including many proposed as future bicycle facilities.
Of the $24,000,000 available revenue from this tax extension, 1.7 percent will be dedicated to bicycle facilities and  12.5 percent will be dedicated to pedestrian facilities.
Your vote on June 8th will make a difference.

Congratulations to Springfield and particularly to the area's STAR Team advocacy group and Bicycle Friendly Springfield, which have led the charge to include funding for bike/ped projects as a routine part of transportation funding in the area.