Springfield capital improvement tax to include $400,000 for bicycle routes

Springfield has one of the most extensive on-road bicycle route systems in Missouri, but the system has not expanded in the past several years.

Springfield's STAR Team brings together advocates from several different organizations, including Ozark Greenways, SpringBike, and the Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation, to work for better bicycling & walking facilities.

One result of the STAR Team's work was announced Monday:  For the first time, Springfield will include a small allotment for bicycle facilities in its capitol improvements tax.

The 1/4 cent tax must be re-approved by voters every three years.  The city council approved the language for the ballot initiative Monday, which includes $400,000 for bicycle improvements, markings, and signage throughout Springfield.

Bruce Adib-Yazdi of the STAR Team gives a good outline of the plan and the work towards including Complete Streets policies in Springfield in this Ozarks First interview:

It's been approved every three years since 1989.  Money typically goes to transportation expenses.  This time around, that includes bicycles.

It means cyclists like Bruce Adib-Yazdi could do more of what they love. "There's $400,000 allocated for signs, striping, making to be spent in the next three years." . . .

There's hope voters will say yes as cycling's gaining momentum, partly because families are looking for fun and  healthy activities but also as the recession makes two wheels a necessity for some. . . .

[C]ycling enthusiasts are hoping planners will work toward what they call complete streets.

When a road project's done they want it to be designed for all users from vehicles to walkers to bikers, even wheelchairs.

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