Help Ty Robinson--stranded in Hannibal, bicycle and equipment stolen

Last week, cross-country bicyclist Ty Robinson was stranded in Hannibal when thieves stole his touring bicycle and all his gear.

A local businessman offered a $1000 reward for the return of the stolen bike, so far with no results.

Ty needs clothing and other gear for touring and is still looking for a suitable 54 cm touring bike. Update (Sept 5th): Ty's bike and at least some gear was found & returned.  The bike may need some work but it looks like it's basically ridable.  Not sure yet exactly what gear may still be missing, but regardless Ty will have some gear replacement expense and some bike repair expense.

Local bicyclists are organizing a ride in support of Ty.  Anyone who would like to support Ty with a donation can so so via MoBikeFed's online donation page for Ty.

All donations will go directly to Ty to help him replace his stolen gear and equipment and/or any repairs needed to his bicycle, which has now been returned in good condition but may need some tuneup work.

We're accepting donations through 11:59pm, Tuesday, September 7th, 2010.

Update Sept 8th: Ty's bike and most of his gear was found in a "Tom Sawyer Cave" in the area. The gear was returned him in good condition and a few days later we were able to personally present him with the donations the MoBikeFed had collected for him..  

Vagrants had stolen the bike, taken the items they were interested in, and hidden the remainder in a cave.  When the reward was offered, a Hannibal resident familiar with the caves undertook a search and found the bike and remaining equipment.

Ty is now in St Louis and is planning to resume his cross-country bicycle ride soon.

Thanks to everyone who helped support Ty--there was a real outpouring of support in Hannibal and across the state.

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