Bicycle Missouri License Plates - latest news & update

Here is the latest on the Bicycle Missouri/Same Roads-Same Rights license plate design. Thanks to everyone who has ordered a plate.  We are getting close to the end of the process, but we'll have to be patient a little longer before we actually see the plates on our vehicles!

You may recall, the final steps in the process are getting the initial 200 plates pre-ordered, paid for, and the requred forms filled out and submitted to us, AND the Department of Revenue needs to give final approval to the plate design.

Here is where we are:

  1. We have almost 200 people signed up for the plates--so very close to the required number.
  2. At long last we are moving forward with the next steps in the Department of Revenue's approval process. We should have the approval soon.
  3. Very soon, we'll set a final deadline--announced on our website, via email, and by Facebook--for anyone who wants to be in this first batch of plates to pay and submit their Form 1716.
  4. Once we actually have over 200 ordered AND over 200 Form 1716s correctly/completely submitted, we will be ready on our end.
  5. Then the Department of Revenue needs to give final approval to the plate design.
  6. Then we'll have our plates!

I'm guessing it could still be two months--give or take--before we are done with that process and we start seeing our plates.

Also note that the final design will be slightly different from our draft design show to the right--getting all the design details approved is what is taking the Department of Revenue so many months . . . the final design will have the same elements (the bicyclists, the road, the hill, the sky, etc) but things may be trimmed or resized a little to meet their plate manufacturing and visibility requirements.

How you can help:

  1. If you haven't ordered your plate yet, now is the time! Order your plate here.  The days are running out . . . 
  2. If you have ordered a plate (or plates) already, please double check your Form 1716--we are seeing many problems and will need to contact everyone who has a problem with their Form 1716 personally to fix it.
    • Carefully review the instructions for Form 1716 here and make sure you form is properly filled out (if you ordered early, we improved the instructions several times)
    • Especially check:
      • Did you SIGN your form
      • Did you give us your PERSONALIZED NUMBER/LETTER CHOICES (every specialty plate must have a personalized number/letter combination--they cannot issue a standard plate number)
      • Do you have the CORRECT NUMBER OF CHARACTERS in your personalized choices--in most cases for the bicycle plates, it is SIX CHARACTERS maximum, fewer if you have a motorcycle or want a wheelchair symbol.
    • If your Form 1716 needs to be revised/updated, just fill out AND SIGN a new form and submit it using one of the methods outlined on the Form 1716 page.

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who has ordered a Bicycle Missouri license plate! Your license plate purchase helps support our work for better, safer bicycling and walking across Missouri.  

We have been waiting for these plates a long time and now we are finally very close to having them printed and distributed!