Why Johnny Can't Ride to School--fascinating article in Bicycling Magazine

Bicycling Magazine's feature this month is "Why Johnny Can't Ride".  Conclusion: "All across the nation our schools earn a failing grade when it comes to letting kids ride their bikes."  

The article starts with the story of 12-year-old Adam Marino, who rode his bike to school with his mother on Bike to Work Day in May 2009:

As Adam locked his bike to a fence, a radio call came in to the administrative office. "Security told me that two bikes were getting involved with the buses," remembers the school principal, Stuart Byrne. "We hadn't heard from anyone beforehand. My assistant responded and said, 'Where are they?'"

An assistant principal, Robert Loggins, found Janette in front of the school, waiting for a lull in the traffic so she could depart. Adam had already gone inside.

"What are you doing here?" Loggins asked Janette.

Janette thought this an odd question. "It's Bike to Work Day," she said. "Did you ride your bike to school?"

"Bicycling isn't allowed at Maple Avenue School," said Loggins.

Janette did a double take. "You're kidding me," she said. "Right?"

Loggins wasn't smiling. He said that Adam's bike would be placed in the school's boiler room, and Janette should come back and get it later that day in her car.


Read the rest of the article here--long but well worth the read.

Bike to School Day is May 9th, 2012--find out how to organize your local Bike to School Day event here.