National Bike to School Day, May 9th - how to organize a great event in your community

A great new event is coming up during National Bike Month this year: National Bike to School Day, May 9th.

Student Bicycle Group
Student Bicycle Group

Sarah Shipley of the  Missouri Safe Routes to School Coalition gave a presentation on organizing and planning a Bike to School Day event in your community or at your school.  

To help you get off to a good start in creating your own Bike to School Day, Here are the notes from her presentation.

  • This is a new program, a way of incorporating SRTS into National Bike Month
  • his will complement to International Walk to School Day (WTSD), not replace it
  • Be sure to registre your event online at:
  • Just roll planning for this into your WTSD planning--use the same committee, same contacts, and so on.
  • Follow the same general procedures as for organizing a WTSD.
  • Coordinate with your local bicycle club, bicycle advocacy group, or whoever is working with Bike Month in your community
  • Considerations particular to the BIKE to School Day:
    •   some kids have no helmets  (advertise helmet policy, find free helmet donations)
    •   some have no bikes, or in disrepair (repair day or bike rodeo before the BTSD event)
    •   no bike racks or not enough space  (may need a special room or area that can be secured specially for this day)
    •   bike education prior to the event, in class, handouts, etc
  • Poster competition, bike decoration competition, and other ways of promoting the event and making it fun
  • Where should the students ride?
    •      Wherever parents feel comfortable.
    •      For younger kids, parents walk on sidewalk while children ride alongside
    •      Or on street with adult/bicycling monitors riding alongside
  • Dates could be flexible--any time in May or late April, for whatever date works best for your school
  • Possible coordination with bike rodeos held in the Spring
  • Invite city council, other community leaders
  • Several schools across Missouri are already planning Bike to School events for 2012.
  • More information, resources, and details about planning your event: