Missouri Primary Election Tues, Aug 7th: Voter guide - Find your polling place, ballots, candidates, issues

Missouri's primary elections are being held across the state on Tuesday, August 7th, 2012.

"I bicycle/I walk/I run and I vote" is one of the most powerful statement we can make to any elected leader, in our work to make Missouri a better, safer place to walk and bicycle.

I bicycle and I vote!
I bicycle and I vote!

So whatever your party, whoever your candidates, whatever your issues, please get out and VOTE on Tuesday, August 7th.


MoBikeFed Voter Guide for the August 7th, 2012, Primary Election

Finding your polling place and sample ballot

About Missouri's Primary Elections

  • This is a primary election, so you first declare your party: Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or Constitutation Party.  
  • You will then be presented with a list of candidates for that party; the winners from each party will meet in the final elections in November
  • You can declare any party you wish.  You don't have to choose the party you chose last time, the party you usually vote for, or follow any other rule--by Missouri law, you simply declare to the election official which party's primary you wish to vote in.
  • You can also declare "Non-partisan".  That means you will vote only on ballot issues, not any any party's primary candidates.

Information about candidates

How to find your candidate's names, your US Rep, State Rep, and State Senate District numbers

  • BEWARE that many/most district numbers have changed this year in Missouri, thanks to the new census data and re-districting. Your state representative district number is almost certainly changed, and many state senate districts and US representative districts have changes boundaries, too--sometimes by a little and sometimes by a lot.
  • So many changes have been made that many web site district look-up tools are out of date.  For instance, don't trust Project VoteSmart's zip code lookup tool to tell you your correct districts!  
  • Best way to find our your correct districts: Find your sample ballot on the Missouri Secretary of State web site.  The sample ballot will list your districts and all candidates.  
  • Another way: Use the updated 2012 Election district maps at the Missouri Secretary of State's web site.
  • Then look up the candidate info using one of the resources above (or just use google).

August 2012 Ballot Issue

Local Issues

Many local municipalities will have issues on the ballot.  Some notable issues: