What has MoBikeFed done for you lately?

What has MoBikeFed been doing for you lately? Here is a partial list:

Federation: $13.5 million in bike/ped funding, Complete Streets, Bicycle Missouri license plate, legislative success

  • Bike/Ped Priority Projects List, organized by MoBikeFed, brought $13.5 million in new bike/ped funding.
  • The number of Complete Streets policies in Missouri has quadrupled over the past two years.
  • Missouri has become a leader in the National Complete Streets movement.
  • Had two of our most successful legislative years in Jefferson City ever in 2011 and 2012 and :
    • Defeated a plan to require bicyclists to wear reflective vests on state roads
    • Enabling legislation for increased bike/ped/trails funding in metro areas passed
    • Statewide Complete Streets Resolution passed
    • Legislation making Bike Month, Bike to Work Week, Bike to Work Day, Walk to School Month and Walk to School Day a permanent part of the Missouri state holidays calendar
    • Same Roads-Same Rights license plate in support of bicycling approved
    • Fixed the bike rack ticket problem through a simple, common-sense, inexpensive legislative change
    • Bridge Bike/Ped Path to be name after former MoBikeFed Chair Bob Watts

    • Since 1995, 31 items on our Legislative Platform have passed into law or policy, and we have successfully defeated 5 "bad bills".

    • 28 of the 31 successes and 4 of 5 successful defeats of bad bills have happened since 2005, when we hired our lobbyist to represent Missouri bicyclists and pedestrians each legislative session in Jefferson City.

    • More on tap for 2013 and beyond

  • More Bike/Ped Friendly River Crossings complete and underway: The Jefferson City bike/ped connection was completed, after more than a decade of work.  The new Amelia Earhart Bridge (Missouri River near Atchison, KS) will include 10-foot shoulders.
  • Advocated for anti-harassment ordinances now passed in Columbia, Greenwood, and Independence and now on our state legislative platform.
  • Katy Trail extended 11 miles on the east and the first mile of the 46 mile extension to Kansas City is open. 
    Action 2020 Workshop in Jefferson City
    Action 2020 Workshop in Jefferson City

  • Worked with the Missouri Association of Councils of Government and national bike/ped groups to bring two Action 2020 Workshops, showing officials and advocates how and why to find funding for biking and walking in Missouri communities, to elected officials, staff, and advocates from around Missouri.
  • The Bicycle Friendly Communities, Universities, and Businesses programs in Missouri have reached new heights. In 2008, Missouri had no entries in any category of the Bicycle Friendly America program. Today, Missouri has 21 communities, universities, and businesses officially recognized as Bicycle Friendly—and now one Walk Friendly Community, too.

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Foundation: Missouri's first bike share, BikeMobile, Bike Ed for engineers and planners--and much more

  • Continued and expanded the work of the Missouri Safe Routes to School Network, now in its second year.
  • Partnered with Missouri Livable Streets and other key advocacy organizations across Missouri (PedNet, Trailnet, BikeWalkKC, and others), to help develop and deliver training Complete Streets Advocacy Training Sessions.
  • Supported the effort to create the first-ever Missouri Trails Census and Statewide Trails Plan.
  • Applied for startup funding for and acted as fiscal sponsor for BikeWalkKC, an important new advocacy group in Missouri's second largest metropolitan area.
  • Promoted bicycling and walking and educated Missourians about bicycling, walking, trails, and safety through our web site, e-news, and regular media releases, with over 100,000 web site visits and over 100 earned media placements in 2011.
  • Helped facilitate Missouri's first-ever municipal bike share system.
  • Created an on-bicycle, on-street bicycle education program for traffic engineers and planners.
  • Taught bicycle and pedestrian education and safety classes and clinics.
  • Started the BikeMobile, a mobile 'bicycle library'

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Safe Routes to School - More funding, Walk to School Day participation quadruples, and more

  • Underserved communities received a far larger share of MoDOT SRTS funding in 2011--thanks to an analysis by the Network showing a large funding disparity and a cooperative plan developed by the Network Partners, including MoDOT to address the problem.

  • Key research, finding, and results from the Underserved Communities research presented at the Safe Routes to School National Conference in Minneapolis, August 2011.
  • Online, interactive Walk/Bike to School Savings Calculator released for Walk to School Month 2011; receives national and international media attention.
  • Walk to School Day participation in Missouri quadrupled from 2009 to 2011; the Network and its partners played a key role in promoted Walk to School Day statewide

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In recent years . . . 

  • Stopped a proposal to ban bicycles on most major roads in the rural part of St Charles
    Grand Opening of the new Missouri River bike/ped path in Kansas City
    Grand Opening of the new Missouri River bike/ped path in Kansas City
    The proposal received national attention and was moving forward at full speed--until a coalition of local, statewide, and national bicycle groups, including the Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation, organized to oppose the ban and work for reasonable alternatives.
  • Advocated for the two bicycle/pedestrian
  • crossings of the Missouri River in Kansas City--both the Heart of America and Chouteau bike/ped crossings opened this fall.
  • Advocated for the bike/ped crossing over the Missouri River connecting Jefferson City to the Katy Trail--currently under construction.
  • Ushered a $1 million appropriation for the Tour of Missouri, the state's biggest ever bicycling event that brought top international bicycle racers to Missouri and brought the state worldwide media coverage, through both houses of the Missouri General Assembly.  (Unfortunately, the appropriation was refused and the race cancelled by Governor Nixon.)
  • Complete Streets logo
    Complete Streets logo
    Supported Complete Streets policies at the local, state, and national levels:
    This year, St. Louis, Crystal City, Festus, and Lee's Summit, Missouri, have adopted Complete Streets policies, making a total of eight cities and agencies in Missouri with official Complete Streets policies.
  • Started the process of bringing a "Share the Road with Bicycles" license plate to Missouri--if all goes well, you will be able to apply for your plates by late 2011.
  • Advocated for anti-harassment ordinances: Recently Columbia, Greenwood, and Independence, Missouri have passed ordinances banning harassment of bicyclists, pedestrians, and people in wheelchairs.
  • Created an on-bicycle, on-street bicycle education program for traffic engineers and planners, and successfully taught it to a group of engineers and planners from MoDOT.
  • Created and found start-up funding for an intensive in-class, on-bicycle course that will be taught to more than 1000 Missouri middle school students over the next two years.
    At the National Bike Summit in Washington DC
    At the National Bike Summit in Washington DC

  • Created and supported the Missouri Safe Routes to School Network to work to create better bicycling and walking conditions throughout our communities and encourage more kids to safely bicycle and walk to school.  The Network brings together over 100 organizations, agencies, staff, elected officials, and individuals in the fields of health, education, transportation, planning, and advocacy to carry out an ambitious 12-point Action Plan to change policy in support of Safe Routes to School across Missouri.  The Missouri Network is supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Missouri Foundation for Health, the Incarnate Word Foundation, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Region VII Office of Minority Health.
  • Worked for better facilities: Groups across Missouri, organized by the Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation, worked together to create a list of the top priority bicycle, pedestrian, and ADA-related projects. MoDOT leadership has committed to choosing about 50 top priority projects and getting them built over the next several years.
  • Katy Trail Connection - Governor's Press Conference
    Katy Trail Connection - Governor's Press Conference
    Advocated to extend and complete the Katy Trail. Work to extend the Katy Trail by 11 miles at its eastern end is near completion; work on the 46-mile extension to connect the Katy Trail to the Kansas City area will start soon.
  • Organized the Missouri delegations to the National Bike Summit in Washington, DC, in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010.  The connections the Missouri delegation have made with our Missouri members of Congress have been invaluable in moving local, state, and national issues forward.
  • Organized the fourth annual of Bicycle and Pedestrian Day at the Capitol brought dozens of MoBikeFed supporters to Jefferson City to make personal contact with state lawmakers and policy leaders. These personal visits, backed up by hundreds of messages, made a big impression on Missouri lawmakers, and the result is we have been able to move small, but key, pieces of pro-bicycling, pro-walking, and pro-trails legislation through each year.
  • Created a powerful Vision of Active Transportation in Missouri that lays out ambitious goals and details exactly what communities across the state need to do to become more bicycle and pedestrian friendly.  See MoBikeFed.org/vision.
  • Continued to work with our representative in Jefferson City, Jim Farrell, to develop relationships with legislators and state officials in Jefferson City.
  • Organized and held a series of meetings with representatives of the Missouri Transportation Alliance--which is working to set future transportation policy and find transportation funding for MoDOT and for cities and counties across the state. We are working on your behalf to make sure that, as we build Missouri's 21st Century transportation system, you can safely bicycle and walk throughout your community.

    Biking near the Missouri Capitol
    Biking near the Missouri Capitol
  • Worked with our legislative committee to prepare a powerful line-up of legislative proposals for the 2011 legislative session, including proposals for:
    • A "Complete Streets" resolution, showing support for Complete Streets at the local, state, and national levels by the General Asssembly and the Governor.
    • A Safe Streets Bill: Appropriate penalties for motorists whose careless driving injures or kills.
    • Strengthening of Safe Passing Bill: Removing loopholes and strengthening Missouri's Safe Passing of Bicyclists law.
    • "Share the Road with Bicyclists" specialty license plate (for your motor vehicle) - must now be approved by the Joint Transportation Committee

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