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Walk/Bike to School Savings Calculator

How much will you save if you walk or bicycle to school every day of the year? What if you walk or bike once a week or once a month?

International Walk to School Day is October 9th, 2013, and the month of October is Walk to School Month. Thousands of school kids across Missouri and across the world will be walking and biking to school that day.

Fill in your numbers below and find out how much you will save when you walk or bicycle to school:

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What has MoBikeFed done for you lately?

What has MoBikeFed been doing for you lately? Here is a partial list:

Federation: $13.5 million in bike/ped funding, Complete Streets, Bicycle Missouri license plate, legislative success

  • Bike/Ped Priority Projects List, organized by MoBikeFed, brought $13.5 million in new bike/ped funding.
  • The number of Complete Streets policies in Missouri has quadrupled over the past two years.
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Missouri Safe Routes to School Coalition releases progress report for May 2012

Today the Missouri Safe Routes to School Coalition released its updated Progress Report for May 2012.
The Missouri Safe Routes to School Coalition brings together state leaders to remove barriers to walking and bicycling to and from school. The Coalition worksto increase physical activity, ensure that federal SRTS funds are spent on quality projects, work to leverage additional state resources for SRTS initiatives, coordinate with SRTS groups nationwide, and advocate to remove barriers to walking and bicycling to schools through policy initiatives. 

The Coalition holds monthly meetings via conference call and has an active email list. If you would like to join the Coalition, just email director (at)

Highlights of the May 2012 Progress Report:

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Missouri model for bike/ped success: Making Raytown a bicycle and pedestrian friendly city

The keynote presentation in this month's Missouri Safe Routes to School Coalition Teleconference was John Benson of the City of Raytown talking about "Making Raytown a bicycle and pedestrian friendly city."

Raytown started with almost no bicycle or pedestrian infrastructure. Sidewalks were sporadic and incomplete. Cattle trails marked the edges of major roads where no sidewalks existed.

The presentation is a model for other city across Missouri.  It shows a number of ideas and techniques any city can use to turn the city around and help it become more bicycle and pedestrian friendly over time. Below are the notes from John's presentation.

Making Raytown a bicycle and pedestrian friendly city

John Benson, Interim Community Development Director, City of Raytown

Recent developments in Raytown for bicycling and walking:

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National Bike to School Day, May 9th - how to organize a great event in your community

A great new event is coming up during National Bike Month this year: National Bike to School Day, May 9th.

Sarah Shipley of the  Missouri Safe Routes to School Coalition gave a presentation on organizing and planning a Bike to School Day event in your community or at your school.  

To help you get off to a good start in creating your own Bike to School Day, Here are the notes from her presentation.

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How to turn Walk to School Day success into permanent, long-term change

The Missouri Safe Routes to School Network meets monthly via teleconference the fourth Tuesday of each month at 9:30am.

With International Walk to School Month wrapping up, and a record number of Walk to School events in Missouri this year, our topic this month is a very relevant one: How to transition from a single Walk to School Day event to making systematic change in getting more kids to bicycle and walk to school more often on a regular basis.

That means both encouragement and programs for kids to change their habits and routines to walk more often where possible, but also using Walk to School events to instigate change in the environment around the school to make it safer and easier for students to bicycle and walk to school.

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Press Release: MoBikeFed Releases Walk/Bike to School Savings Calculator

Released September 28th, 2011

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Walk to School Day: What's next? How about walking, biking every day. Here's how . . .

We just had a successful International Walk to School Day in Missouri.  Thousands of students walked to school today as part of organized Walk to School events, and more events will be happening throughout October, International Walk to School Month.

Lots of students, parents, and teachers were re-introduced to the joy and simplicity of walking to school--like we did when we were kids.

So what's next?  Can we make walking to school an every day habit for kids--or even a once or twice a week habit?

Here are some resources to help you take the next step:

Did you notice anything missing on your walk to school?  Sidewalks that need fixing--or that are just missing--crosswalks that need to be repainted or made in the first place? How about a busy street that needs a crossing guard?

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Walk to School Day Organizer Mutual Aid Conference Calls Sept 20, 27 and Oct 4th, 2011

Walk to School Month is coming up in October, and Walk to School Day October 5th.

Need help planning your Walk to School event?

Want to share what you're doing with other Walk to School organizers across Missouri?

Join us for a series of FREE teleconferences on planning and sharing ideas about Walk to School Day events:The Missouri Safe Routes to School Network is organizing a series of Mutual Aid Teleconferences with people from across Missouri who are planning Walk to School Day events:

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School bus vs private vehicle transportation vs biking and walking to school--how much does it cost, how much do you save?

The Missouri Safe Routes to School Network is working to encourage more kids to bicycle and walk to school, whenever possible.

We know that school bus transportation is cheaper, better for the environment, and often better for kids, than being driven in private automobiles.

And we know that walking and bicycling, when feasible and safe, is cheaper, healthier, and generally better for most kids than either of the other options.

But let's do it by the numbers.

In 2007/08, the last year for which figures are available, here is the total U.S. cost of school bus transportation:

  • 25,221,000 students transported
  • 54.6 % of total students were transported
  • $21.5 billion total cost
  • $854 annual cost per student transported
  • Transportation makes up 4.25% of the total cost of our K-12 education system ($21.5 billion of the $596.6 billion total)

Compared with driving students in private automobiles, students riding buses save:

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