Sample resolution or proclamation: Bike Month 2013

This is a sample Bike to Work Week Proclamation or Resolution that you can adapt for your own city and present to your mayor or city council member to ask them to proclaim Bike to Work Week (or Bike Month, Bike to Work Day, or Bike to School Day) in your city.

Most proclamations of this sort are made when a citizen like you asks his or her elected official to sponsor the proclamation.

May is National Bicycle Month and Missouri Bicycle Month each year. Bike to Work Day is always the third Friday in May and Bike to Work Week is the week of Bike to Work Day.   Bike to School Day is the second Wednesday in May.

Bike Month, Bike to Work Day, and Bike to Work Week are all officially designated in Missouri's state holidays calendar.

          Whereas, the bicycle is a viable and environmentally sound form of transportation and an excellent form of recreation; and

          Whereas, millions of Missourians will experience the joys of bicycling during the month of May through educational programs, races, commuting events, trail work days, helmet promotion, charity events, or just getting out and going for a ride; and

         Whereas, seventeen Missouri cities, with total population of over 1.6 million, have adopted and are implementing Complete Streets policies; and

         Whereas, three Missouri Metropolitan Planning Commissions, encompassing a total population of over three million Missourians, have adopted and are implementing Complete Streets policies; and

        Whereas, the Missouri General Assembly has adopted a resolution in support of Complete Streets, urging cities, counties, metropolitan planning organizations, regional planning commissions, and MoDOT to adopt Complete Streets policies; and

        Whereas, five Missouri communities, including a total population over 1.2 million, are now officially recognized as Bicycle Friendly Communities that work create programs, policies, and routes inviting to bicycling; and

         Whereas, twenty-two Missouri businesses through the national Bicycle Friendly Businesses program and one Missouri university has been recognized through the Bicycle Friendly Universities program; and

         Whereas, Missouri was declared Best Trails State at the 2013 International Trails Symposium; and

         Whereas, Missouri is currently work to established its first Statewide Trails Plan and complete its first statewide trails census; and

         Whereas, Missouri's Katy Trail attracts hundreds of thousands of bicyclists each year from all 50 states and from across the globe, providing economic, health, and scenic benefits to citizens of Missouri and the world; and

         Whereas, Missouri hosts six major cross-country bicycle tourism routes that attract thousands of cross-country and local bicyclists each year, including the Mississippi River Trail, the Great Rivers Trail, the American Discovery Trail, the Lewis and Clark Trail, the TransAmerica Trail, and the Route 66 Bicycle Trail; and

          Whereas, Missouri has recently established a new cross-state bicycle route, the Way of American Genius Bicycle Route parallelling Highway 36 across northern Missouri; and


          Whereas, these bicycling activities and attractions have great potential to have a positive impact on Missouri's economy and tourism industry and to stimulate economic development by making the state attractive to businesses and citizens who enjoy the out of doors and healthy lifestyles; and

          Whereas, creating bicycle-friendly communities has been shown to improve citizens' health, well-being, and quality of life, to boost community spirit, to improve traffic safety, and to reduce pollution and congestion; and

          Whereas, May has been declared National Bike Month for each of the last 57 years, and is so again in 2013; and

          Whereas, the League of American Bicyclists, the Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation, bicycle clubs, schools, parks and recreation departments, police departments, hospitals, companies and civic groups throughout Missouri will be promoting bicycling as a leisure activity as well as an environmentally-friendly alternative to the automobile during the month of May 2013; and

          Whereas, the education of bicyclists and motorists as to the proper and safe operation of bicycles is important to ensure the safety and comfort of all users; and

          Whereas, the Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation, the Missouri Trails Coalition, the Missouri Safe Routes to School Coalition, the Kansas City Share the Road Safety Task Force, BikeWalkKC, St. Louis Trailnet, the St. Louis Regional Bicycle Federation, GetAbout Columbia, the Columbia PedNet Coalition, Velo Girardeau, SpringBike, Ozark Greenways, Parkland Cyclists, the Joplin Trails Coalition, the Green Hills Trails Coalition in Chillicothe, Healthy Nevada, St. Joseph Bicycle Club, Quad States Trails of St. Joseph, KA-Motion in Columbia, [LIST ANY OTHER ACTIVE ORGANIZATIONS IN YOUR AREA] and other organizations across the state will promote bicycle safety during the month of May 2013; and

          Whereas, the Missouri General Assembly has duly passed, and the Governor of Missouri has signed, legislation designating May of each year as Missouri Bike Month and the third week of May as Missouri Bike Week:

          Now, therefore, be it resolved that the members of the [THIS LEGISLATIVE BODY] hereby recognize the month of May 2013 as National Bike Month and Bicycle Safety Month, and the week of May 13-17, 2013, as Bike to Work Week; and

          Be it further resolved that the [THIS LEGISLATIVE BODY] urges all who support bicycling to participate in the events planned and urges all road users to share the road safely with bicyclists.


Special thanks to the League of American Bicyclists for using MoBikeFed's sample proclamation in their National Bike Month Guide. The Guide is loaded with helpful Bike Month resources like the sample proclamation--check it out.